Setting up Load Master

To set up this interface

  • Default directories can be set by running “editcnfg.cob” from the System > RTA Information > Special Utility Routine (SAU)

Config Name



Export Directory - where the data from RTA will be placed for import into LoadMaster


Import Directory - where the data from LoadMaster will be placed for import into RTA


Archive Directory - where the data files that have been processed will be moved

Each RTA Facility to be processed needs a corresponding McLeod “Company ID.” To do this, you need to:

  • Go to Master > Facility > File Maintenance (MFM). Select your facility and then go to Edit > LoadMaster Settings
  • If you want a facility to have its own directories they can also be set up here.  If a directory is empty for a facility the corresponding default directory will be used.

The export directory is where RTA will export out to. The import directory is where RTA looks to grab the file from Load Master.