Technical Support

RTA's Technical Support department is available between 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. During the week of RTA's Annual User's Conference, technical support hours will be limited. It's not unusual to have many questions when first starting out. One year of unlimited, toll-free technical support is provided with your original system purchase (starting from the purchase date) so be sure take advantage of it and contact us any time you have questions, comments, or concerns. After the initial year, you will have the option to renew to renew the Annual Support Maintenance. The Annual Support Maintenance provides you with product updates, filled with many time saving and user-requested software enhancements, as well as unlimited technical support for the RTA Fleet Management Software and any RTA add-on product you may have purchased. Renewing the Annual Support Maintenance also provides you with discounted prices on many RTA products and services.
When you have a problem or specific question about the RTA system that can't be resolved by looking in this manual or the manual that came with your add-on product, RTA's Technical Support can be obtained by phone, fax, or email. If you don't have a problem or specific question but want to learn how to use the RTA system, you can obtain information about our training services by going to our website or contacting us.

Phone Support

Toll free support is available in most areas. Phone support is the quickest way to resolve a problem or question. Many times you'll be able to get immediate assistance when calling in but if you have to leave a message, your call will usually be returned within an hour.

  • (800) 279-0549 North America
  • (623) 581-2447Local and Worldwide

Email Support

Email support has a lower priority status than phone or fax support, but it's a great way to get answers to your non-critical questions. Email is checked several times throughout the day. NOTE: If your system is down or you need immediate assistance, use the phone support!

RTA Website

RTA's website provides additional information and resources—look up frequently asked questions; review the various types of training services, training dates, and locations; download product updates, documentation, newsletters, and more!

Additional Support Available

If you need technical support assistance after 5:00 p.m. or on weekends, RTA provides After-Hours Support on an as-needed-basis (a minimum of 48 hours advance notice is required). If your Annual Support Maintenance has expired, technical support is available at an hourly rate. Contact RTA for more information about either of these additional support options.