Conventions Used in This Manual

Wording Conventions

The term "RTA" refers to the company, Ron Turley Associates, or the RTA Fleet Management Software.
The term "vehicle" refers to vehicles, equipment, buildings, or other types of units tracked in RTA.
The term "unit" may refer to a vehicle or a unit of measurement such as miles or gallons.
The terms "job" and "repair" refers to a work order or work order line.
The terms "job code" or "repair code" refers to the vehicle maintenance reporting standard codes (VMRS codes).
The RTA Fleet Management Software is used internationally and has the ability to track vehicle meters by miles, kilometers, hours, and gallons. Rather than stating "…enter the number of miles, kilometers, hours, gallons, or units…" each time a vehicle meter is discussed, for simplicity, we will use the terms "miles," "mileage," or "units."
Likewise, rather than stating "gallons, litres, units…" when referring to fuel usage, we will use the term "gallons."
The terms "order parts" or "receive parts" refers to the acts of adding or receiving purchase order lines.
The term "choose" refers to selecting an option. For example, you may be instructed to choose OK. You can choose OK using your preferred method—1) by using the mouse and clicking on the OK button, 2) by pressing ENTER when the OK button is active or, 3) by pressing Alt+O if a shortcut is available (the button displays as OK when a shortcut is available).
RTA uses a pull-down menu system. Throughout this manual, and other RTA documentation, you'll see menu paths to get to particular options. For example, you may be instructed to go to the Quick Fuel Entry option (FFQ). Using the pull-down menus, the Quick Fuel Entry option is accessed from the RTA main menu by pressing alt, F, F, Q.