Welcome to Ron Turley Associates (RTA). Congratulations on your recent purchase of the RTA Fleet Management Software. The RTA Fleet Management Software can help you run a more cost efficient fleet while reducing the number of breakdowns. Proper use of the software can help to reduce road calls, reduce inventory, increase mechanic productivity, and provide information that is vital to your fleet. Whether you are a fleet manager, shop foreman, data entry clerk, mechanic, or parts person, the RTA system can provide you with accurate information to help you maintain a more efficient and informed fleet. The RTA Fleet Management Software has been a money-saving tool for many fleets, and we know it will become an invaluable tool for your fleet as well.
Although the RTA system contains many features, keep in mind that you can track as little or as much information as you like. Also, it is not necessary to set everything up at once. We highly recommend setting up vehicle records as soon as possible so you can immediately start tracking preventive maintenance schedules and entering work orders. Use our start-up guide included with the system-Expressway: The Quickest Route to Implementing Your RTA System-when initially setting up the RTA system. The Expressway contains data-collection forms and tips to help you implement the RTA system quickly and easily.
Refer to this manual, the RTA User's Manual, to learn about the many features available in the RTA Fleet Management Software and how to use them.

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