Part Kit Component Import and Export

This program exports your Part Kit Component records into a delimited text file. This file can then be edited manually or via a spreadsheet program, and then re-imported into the RTA system to update any changes made.

Import Options:

Replace Components
          Checked - Replace all current part kit components with the components from the import file
      Unchecked - Add if new component or update if existing component

Create New
          Checked  - New records will be created
      Unchecked - New Records WILL NOT be created

   Update Existing
          Checked - Existing records will be updated
      Unchecked - Existing Records WILL NOT be updated

Import Field Definitions

Part Kit FacilityRequiredint(5)
Part Kit NumberRequiredchar(25)
Component Number

Component Quantity

Component BinFrom component number bin. Not Importedchar(10)