Manager's Page

The defaults for the RTA system when initially installed are as follows:

  • MGMT is the default password. When prompted for password levels 1, 2, or 3, type MGMT (in uppercase) as the password to proceed.
  • The default user ID is SYSTEM. This user ID is used as the default when the System Security feature is not in use. DO NOT delete this user ID if you won't be using Security System.
  • The default system printer configuration is SYST. DO NOT delete this printer from the RTA system.

The following tables show areas of the RTA system where passwords level 1, 2, and 3 are required. The passwords are cascading meaning level 1 has the lowest authorization, level 3 the highest. When prompted for a level 1 password, password levels 1, 2, or 3 are accepted. When prompted for a level 2 password, password levels 2 or 3 are accepted. When prompted for a level 3 password, only password level 3 is accepted. The passwords are set up in Main System Parameters (SSM, switches 16-18).

Password Level 1


Delete a department (MDM)

Employee file maintenance (MMM)

Renumber a vehicle (MVM, STVS, STVN, STVM)

Renumber employee (STWM)

Delete a vehicle (MVM, MVD)

Employee paid hours entry (WH)

Change vehicle cost figures (STVF)

Employee indirect hours entry (WI)

Delete vehicle fuel tax records (SGFF)

EOW mechanics (SEW)

Delete equipment (MEM, MED)

EOM mechanics (SEM)

Delete closed fuel trans (SGFC)

Mechanic productivity reports (REP, RER, REO)

Delete EFI transactions (SGFE)

Mechanic indirect hours report (REI)

Delete fuel billing transactions (SGFB)

Mechanic hours paid report (REH, REU, REL)

Delete a vendor (MNM or 5421)

Mechanic paid vs. indirect hours report (REV)

Edit inventory balance (STPI)

Delete work orders (SGWW)

Delete parts (MPM, MPD)

Undelete work orders (SGWU)

Delete part charge out trans (SGPP)

Delete Paperless Shop Trans (SGWP)

Delete purchase orders (SGPO)

Edit/Delete tire manufacturer record (MTCR)

Delete purchase order trans (SGPR)

Edit/Delete tire capper record (MTPR)

Delete part adjustments (SGPA)

Tire scrap codes file maintenance (MTS)

Undelete purchase orders (SGPU)

Delete scrapped tires (SGTR)

Password Level 2

EOP fuel tax (SEF)

EOP vehicles (SEV)

EOP parts (SEP)

EOP tires (SET)

Password Level 3

System setup switches (SSx)

Renumber a facility (MFM)

Change facility status (MFM)

Delete a customer (MCM)

User file maintenance (SUM)

Printer file maintenance (SUP)

Check corrupt files (STSC)

Export/Import Parts (STPX)

Export/Import Vehicles (STVI)