Fuel Inventory

Tracking fuel usage and/or inventory is beneficial since fuel is one of the most costly fleet expenses. The Fuel Inventory module in the RTA Fleet Management Software contains the following features:

  • Tracks tank and pump inventory
  • Tracks miles per gallon
  • Tracks fuel usage
  • Tracks variances
  • Tracks fuel taxes
  • Generates fuel billing statements

Like other features in RTA, you can use as many or as few of the features as needed. We recommend implementing the use of any of the fuel features at the beginning of an accounting period.
The Setup:

  • Review the switches in the Fueling Parameters and change settings as needed (SSM, Fuel Parameters tab ).
  • If needed, set up additional fuel type records (MUF). Refer to "Adding a Fuel Type
  • If your fleet has one or more fuel islands, set up tank and pump records.

The Procedure:

  • Input fuel transactions via Quick Fuel Entry, Many States, Electronic Fueling, or TriCoder Input.
  • Process fuel transactions and reports as needed for variances, taxes, and billing.
  • Children macro unable to render for apps.