Deleting Equipment

Equipment can be deleted individually through the equipment record or by equipment number range through the delete equipment program.

Deleting Equip. Through the Equip. Record

This option is recommended when deleting one or a few pieces of equipment; the equipment record is displayed on-screen, enabling you to review and verify that the correct record is being deleted.

  1. Select Master > Equipment > File Maintenance from the RTA main menu (MEM).
  2. Enter an equipment number to delete or press F1 to select a record from the lookup list.
  3. Select Edit > Delete from the menu or click on the Delete Record icon in the toolbar.
  4. Choose Yes to confirm the deletion.
  5. Enter password level 1.

Deleting a Range of Equipment

This option is handy when deleting numerous equipment records from the system because it quickly allows a range of equipment to be deleted.

  1. Select Master > Equipment > Delete Range from the RTA main menu (MED).
  2. Enter password level 1.
  3. Enter the starting and ending equipment number range or press F1 to make the selection from the lookup list.
  4. Select a radio button indicating the status of the equipment to delete: All, Inventory, Mounted, Repair, or Scrap/Sold.
  5. Verify the selections and choose OK to start the process.