Adding Equipment

To add an equipment record, do the following:

  1. Select Master > Equipment > File Maintenance from the RTA main menu (MEM).
  2. Enter an equipment number and choose Add. The equipment number is a text field allowing up to eight characters.
  3. Enter the equipment information. Most of the fields are for your benefit and are not used by the RTA system; therefore, enter as much or as little information as needed.
  4. Save the record.

Facility Record Field Descriptions: Main Window

  • Equipment Number: (Text field) Enter up to eight characters to identify the equipment.
  • Type: Select an equipment type from the drop down list or key in a non-file type. The description is displayed if a type is selected from the list.
  • Description: Enter the equipment description.
  • Year: Enter the year this equipment was manufactured.
  • Serial Number: Enter the equipment serial number.
  • Model: Enter the equipment model number.
  • Manufacturer: Enter the name of the company that manufactured this equipment.
  • Condition: Select the current condition from the drop down list to indicate if the equipment is new, used, or rebuilt.
  • Status: Select the current status from the drop down list to indicate if the equipment is in inventory, mounted, being repaired, or has been scrapped. If the status is MOUNTED, you'll be prompted to enter additional information. If the equipment is mounted, you'll need to provide the vehicle number on which it is mounted, the vehicle meter reading at the time it was mounted, and the equipment value at that time.

  • Assigned Information: Enter the assigned facility, department, date, usage terms, and current value for the equipment.
  • Purchase Information: Enter the equipment purchase date, purchase price, and purchase order number.
  • Repair Information: If the equipment has previously been repaired, you may enter the facility where the repair was done, work order number, and reason for the repair.
  • Comments: Enter up to 120 characters for comments regarding the equipment and then press TAB to move to the next entry field.
  • Disposal Information: This information will more than likely be left blank since you normally would not add equipment into the system that has already been disposed. If this equipment has been disposed, enter the disposal date, value at the time of disposal, the person or agency that authorized the disposal, and any remarks concerning the disposal.
  • Customer Information: If this equipment is mounted on a vehicle, the assigned customer in the vehicle record (MVM), if any, is displayed. If the assigned customer is not on file (MCM), you'll have the opportunity to change the customer information. The change made here does not affect the assigned customer in the vehicle record.