Email Dashboard Scheduling

New Email Schedule

Email dashboards can be scheduled/edited by selecting: System > RTA Information > Dashboard > Email Setup (SADE).
To schedule a new Email dashboard, enter a name and click the Add button on the Select a Schedule screen.

Note: After clicking the Add button, the user has the option to use an existing template. If the user doesn't use a template, enters the required information while tabbing through the Dashboard Email Schedule Maintenance screen shown on page 6, the system will automatically display the Add Email Recipient screen. Once the user enters the new recipient's information and clicks on the Exit button, the Dashboard Maintenance screen pops up automatically as well.

Existing Email Dashboard Editing/Access

To edit an existing Email Dashboard, press F1 or OK to access the look-up list on the Select a Schedule screen shown on the previous page.
The Dashboard Email Schedule Maintenance screen, shown below, allows users to enter an Email subject, set the time and date (it goes by 15 min increments for time), how often, what days of the week, and for how long the Email is being sent out. The Next Date field entry doesn't need to match the repeat schedule (if any). The system uses this date to process the Email, and then calculate and update the next date using the repeat schedule.