Adding Dashboards to Email Schedule

The Dashboard icon in the menu options on the Dashboard Email Schedule Maintenance screen (shown above) displays the Dashboard Maintenance screen (shown below) and allows users to select widgets from a predefined list.

Email Output

Once the Dashboard Email and the task (if Automatic option was chosen) are set up, Windows executes the task when scheduled, and the Start time and Next date of each Dashboard Email are checked to see which ones need to be run. Once the Dashboard Emails are run, their Next date gets updated based on the settings chosen, and rescheduled to be run again.
Through this document, the Windows Scheduler task was set up to run daily starting on August 10, 2014 at 12:00PM. The Dashboard Email was set up to run once a day Monday through Friday at 2 PM every week. The dashboard information to email out is shown on the figure above.
In this example, the task will process the Dashboard Email at 2:00PM on August 13, 2014, and the email shown below will be sent out to all recipients. Then the Next date will get updated to display August 14, 2014 which is the next time the task will process the Dashboard Email again.



Brake Jobs Due


Completed POs


MTD Direct Labor Hours