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One of the primary pitfalls that hinders a functional shop is communication between the Drivers and the Mechanics. There are more and more options every day in attempting to bridge this gap in communication, allowing for a two-way connection to submit asset repair requests, and a confirmation that an asset is once again safe to operate.

The RTA Driver Reports module brings in repair request data from either a DVIR program, RTA Inspect or an internal Driver Report within RTA to communicate the issue to the shop. Once received, the shop foreman or lead technician can create a Work Order to address the issue, that work order line is completed, and the driver is able to be notified that the issue is resolved.

To make things even easier, RTA also offers a Driver Reports Interface (DRI) that works with the handheld device offered by Zonar and other Telematics systems. This handheld device collects data from pre/post-trip safety inspections. The interface takes the collected data and imports it directly into the Driver Reports module; thus, eliminating the need for drivers to type data into the computer altogether. For more information about the Zonar handheld device, go to For more information about the Driver Reports Interface, contact an RTA sales representative at 800-279-0549.

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