Driver Reports

Like the well-known generation gap, a communication gap has existed in nearly every fleet between the vehicle drivers and the technicians who maintain the vehicles. Usually the problem stems from interpretation and communication. For example, a driver hears a squealing sound when he applies the brakes. Upon returning to the hub, he reports this to the shop by filling out a vehicle driver report (also referred to as a VDR). The shop supervisor creates a work order and then attaches the VDR or manually types in work order notes based on the handwritten description provided by the driver.
The technician takes the work order and VDR and attempts to interpret the meaning of "squealing brakes." Is it the front or rear brake? Is it the right side or left? Does it happen while braking at high speed or low speed? With such vagueness, determining exactly what needs fixing can become a time-consuming task.

The Driver Reports module helps to bridge this communication gap between shop and driver by resolving many of these types of issues. With Driver Reports, the driver submits his VDR electronically. The shop supervisor evaluates driver-reported issues and creates a work order as needed without having to touch one piece of paper or deciphering handwritten entries. The technician then deals only with the work order and not the actual VDR. This automated process saves time and eliminates the frustrations involved with a paper driver report system.
To make things even easier, RTA also offers a Driver Reports Interface (DRI) that works with the handheld device offered by Zonar Systems. This handheld device collects data from pre/post-trip safety inspections. The interface takes the collected data and imports it directly into the Driver Reports module; thus, eliminating the need for drivers to type data into the computer altogether. For more information about the Zonar handheld device, go to www.zonarsystems. com. For more information about the Driver Reports Interface, contact an RTA sales representative at 800-279-0549.