Receiving Alert Notifications

Automated Alert Emails

Having set up a scheduled task to query for new alerts, new emails will be generated and sent containing the alert metrics automatically.

Popup Alerts Window at logon

Each time a user logs into the software, their pending alerts will be displayed in a popup window for review.

Manually Viewing Alert Notifications

At any time, the user may manually view their alerts by selecting the menu option System>Setup Users> Alert Notifications (SUN).  This will display the same popup window containing alerts as described in the popup window at logon section above.  If there are no pending alerts, then an empty window will appear, indicating that there are no pending alerts.

Muting Triggered Alerts

An alert with a reminder interval will continue sending emails at the reminder interval until the metric that triggered the alert returns to a normal (untriggered) value.  If you acknowledge an alert, and determine that the metric will remain triggered for an extended amount of time, you may manually mute the alert to stop the reminder emails from being sent for a user specified period of time.

View your alerts by selecting the menu option System>Setup Users> Triggered Alerts (SUN).  Double-click on the alert, click the MUTE button and specify a duration of time to mute the alert.