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Brake Inspections System Set Up

The following information will walk you through a step by step guide on setting up the Classic version of RTA for brake inspections. This will stack brake inspections historically for fast access to important brake wear data in the vehicle file as well as the work order.

Main System Switch Settings

  1. Click on the system drop down from the main screen.

    1. File path is System > Set Up System Switches > Main System Parameters

  2. Enter the level 3 password and press enter or click “OK”.

  3. Click on the Fuel Parameters tab at the top.

4. Enter 44 into the box at the bottom to pull up switch 44 information.

5. Switch 44 will pop up and require information to be updated or entered to turn on brake inspections.

6. When entering this information you want to think about the max axle count across the entire fleet and set this to accommodate those larger assets.

a. Enter maximum axle count for fleet.

b. Select the brake measurement unit, you can use millimeters, inches or percentage.

c. Set an initial brake warning depth. Measurements that fall under this will turn yellow for a visual indication.

d. Set a critical brake depth. Measurements that fall under this will turn red for a visual indictor to the technician to replace brakes.

e. Click “OK” and brake inspections are now set up.