Initial Setup and Configuration

Each user login in RTA determines whether or not the Best Practices screen is automatically displayed or not.

  1. Select System > Setup Users > File Maintenance to modify a user's Best Practices options. (SUM). Specify a username you wish to modify.
  2. Click the SYSTEM button on the toolbar.
  3. Modify the following options as desired:
    1. Auto-Launch Best Practices (Best Practices will be displayed when this user logs in).
    2. Edit Best Practices (Allows this user to modify the best practices content). Tip: You can use the global change utility on the toolbar to save identical settings for each of the options to all users instead of modifying each user individually. This can be done initially to turn off the Auto-Launch for all users while your own Best Practices are setup. To do this, in the User Security screen select the Switches icon, set switch #162 to No, and click Apply Settings. After your own Best Practices are setup, all users can be set back to Yes, or users can be switched individually.

Another option is to add the Best Practices to the user's quick-launch buttons so that it can manually be started after being closed.