Vehicle Budgeting Projections

This report calculates a monthly miles and vehicle costs based on the yearly totals divided by the number of months since the last end of year process. Then these figures get extended out for the number of months the user inputs into the report prompt. Also in this report you can factor in an inflation percentage to add to the projected total. You will be prompted to select a facility, months since the last year closing, starting and ending department range, the number of months to project out, and inflation percentage. 
This report would be great for those who have to work under a budget and have to provide figures for a new budget year. Also these figures can be used to help identify vehicles that need to be replaced. 
Prints the following information: 
Report is sorted by: Department 
Vehicle number
Vehicle year
Vehicle make
Vehicle model
Calculated current miles
Calculated current cost
Calculated cost per mile
Projected miles
Projected cost
Projected cost with inflation percent added 
Subtotals by Department, and Grand Totals on all the projected fields.