Parts List by Account Number

This report prints all parts for a range of account numbers. You will be prompted to select the starting and ending account number range and facility number. It will subtotal by account number and provide a grand total of the number of parts and the total value on hand. 
This report will give you the ability to find specific totals of various parts, which may help in determining "overstock" areas. If you use the account number field for an actual internal account number, this will provide easy access to a list and total dollar value for these accounts. If you do not use or need account number information, this field may be used to split certain types of parts, such as vehicle type (Forklift/Truck/Auto), maintenance type (PM, accident damage, specific lifespan such as tires and batteries), etc. You can develop and setup your own depending on what types of parts you would like to see separately. 

Prints the following: 
part number
part description
selling(or "marked up")price
average price
quantity on hand, all 5 stocking areas combined
dollar value(average price times quantity on hand)
primary vendor number
primary vendor abbreviation 
Subtotals by account number: 
part account number
count of part numbers
on hand level
dollar value 
Grand totals: 
count of part numbers
on hand level
dollar value