Part Reorder Projections

This report calculates a per day usage and projects this figure out for as many days as the user identifies and is organized by facility and vendor. You will be prompted to select a facility range and the number of days out you want to project for. 
This provides useful information that can be used to either help budget out for your parts or it can be used to preorder your parts when you are on vacation.
Note: the quantities were intentionally not rounded to give you the flexibility to order more or less then the recommended amounts or you may have parts that can be ordered in fractional increments. 
Prints the following:

Report is sorted by: Bin location and part number 
Part number/description
Usage per period/Year
Per day usage (Average year divided by 365 days)
Quantity needed for X days (Days use times prompted days out)
On hand total
On order quantity
Back order quantity
Quantity to Order (qty needed – on hand – on order – back order)
Average price
Total cost of order 
Subtotals by vendor and facility on quantities to order and total cost. Grand total on total cost.