Odometer Audit Report

Fully implemented in the 6.0 version of RTA is the odometer audit transactions file. This file records odometer changes behind the scenes from any module in RTA that can update the odometer excluding the fuel module since transactions are created already on the fuel side. 
This report prints all the behind the scenes odometer change transactions before and after the change and thus will allow you to track down those pesky odometer entry errors. You will be prompted for a facility, vehicle, and audit transaction date range. 
Prints the following: 

Report is sorted by: Facility, vehicle number, and audit transaction date
Facility number
Vehicle number
Date/time the transaction took place
User and program name the change was made from (i.e. change odometers, work order etc.)
Changed "from" and "to" for odometer type, work, fuel, and life odometers
Current work, fuel, and life odometers in the vehicle file