RTA Barcode Reader - Setup

Symbol LS2208/LI4278 Setup Sheet:

HID Keyboard Emulation (default) - This allows the scanner to emulate a USB keyboard. Upon a successful decode, bar code data transmits to the console as if the data was typed on a keyboard. Most USB drivers support HID Keyboard Emulation so it requires no special drivers.

Carriage Return/Line Feed: If you require a carriage return/enter after each scanned bar code, scan the following bar codes in order:

Enable Code 93

To enable code 93, scan the appropriate bar code below:

Enable Code 39

To enable code 39, scan the appropriate bar code below:

RTA Test Labels (Code 93)

RTA Test Labels (Code 39)

**Turning Off the Linear Imager Scanner Battery (For Ll4278 Only)

Scan Battery Off Barcode Below

Set Default Parameter

Scanning this bar code returns all parameters to the default values listed in Table A-1 Standard Default Parameters Table