Tracking Accidents

Various Accident codes can be used to categorize accidents that are tracked. These category codes are user definable. Accident codes can be added or modified by selecting System > Setup System Switches > System Codes (SSY) from the RTA main menu.

In the Accident File Maintenance (VNM), users will have the option to add/view/print/edit/delete accident reports.

  1. Navigate to the Vehicle > Accident > File Maintenance (VNM) menu. Vehicle List (F1) or by Accident List (F2).
  2. Pressing the "New WO" button creates/opens a Work Order which is then linked to the Accident Report through the Work Order field.
  3. The top of the Accident Report screen contains all of the vital information carried in each individual Accident Report. The Driver ID is linked to the Master Employee File inside of RTA which will then populate the Name and Phone fields with that information.
  4. To change the status to open or close the Accident Report, use the dropdown box in the top right corner of the screen.


The bottom half of the screen are several tabs for data that you can add and store within the Accident Report file.

  • Use the Notes tab, to add notes. Reference Date will be stamped on the next note line.
  • The Incident Information tab gives the option to record any official documentation such as Officer/Badge Number, Towing Company, and included reason codes on any official documents received due to this accident.
  • On the Insurance tab gives the option of adding transactions to the Accident Report. Interactions with the involved insurance company can be recorded in the screen shown below.
  • From the Transactions tab, you are able to manually add all transactions that have a cost associated to them or any activity you have concerning this accident. This tab also includes the System Codes that are manually set up in RTA. Using the built-in type of "REPAIRS" enables attaching a Work Order to your repair Transaction.
  • The CSA tab allows addition of an At Fault and reason field to your Accident Report.