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Mobile Parts Count Review/Accept

Coming soon in 2/19/2024

Count Review

The other part of the inventory Count is the review. Any parts that have an adjustment/change to the QTY on hand, need to be sent to the count review section. In this area, there will be two sections for adjusted parts and not counted parts. Any parts that had their QTY adjusted, will show up in the adjusted section. Any parts that had not been checked that the count was good, or didn’t have an adjustment, and were left over when they submit the bin, will be marked as not counted and show up there.

Below that tab, you will have the different parts listed. It will show their part number, description below that, and the date it was counted (or the date the bin was submitted if it is in the not counted section). To the right, it will have the Current Qty. Then you will have a check and an edit button. If you click on the part itself, it will show you the part number, description, and then below that, it will have the old QTY, the new/current qty, and the adjusted QTY. The current qty will have whatever the current inventory is. That means, if they have used or received parts, it should still show that amount and not the amount the the person counting put. The adjusted QTY will be however much the inventory increased or decreased. Then the Old QTY is just going to be the current qty and then add or subtract the change.

So it will not show the exact amounts of what they were. This way, whoever is reviewing, if the amount has changed, they can just do another quick count of that part and make sure they are correct.

If they hit the check mark, it will remove it from the list. We also want to add two new fields to the adjustment record. The first is just a verification and the second is who verified. So if they check the box, it will mark that the change was verified and it will put their user in there (minus the

If they hit the edit, they can then punch in the correct on hand QTY. This will remove that part from this list. Then it will follow the process from the What happens when you change the count section below.

 What happens when you change the count?

We want this to be a live update. That means, we are seeing what the live inventory count is. And if I change the QTY amount, it updates the part file immediately. So we need to do the following when this occurs:

  1. Update the the QTY on hand following the stocking areas rule above.

  2. An adjustment record needs to then be created that shows the adjustment amount.

  3. There is a spot for user/authorization in the adjustment record. This should take the hosted username (minus the The reason should be set to Inventory Count