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Mobile Parts Inventory Count

Coming soon in 2/19/2024

Under the parts section of the mobile app, we will be adding new capabilities for doing Inventory counts. Underneath barcode search, we want to add an Inventory Count Section, Count Review, and a bin update. That is in the order of importance. It will look like the screen below.


Inventory Count

The first section is the inventory count, where you will actually be doing your cycle counts and updating your parts. Once you select it, you will see a screen that asks for a bin number. It will show all of your bins, sorted by default by the last count date from oldest to most recent. We also want to see a completion amount if they have started doing a count for that bin but haven’t finished. Each bin will also have a check box so that you can check a bin and reset the progress if you want to start fresh on your count.

 Parts Count

Once you select a bin, it will list out all parts that are in that bin. There will be two tabs at the top that allow you to select Uncounted parts and Completed Parts. They should show how many are in each tab in parenthesis.

Your parts will be listed with the part number in bigger letters and the description listed in small letters underneath. To the right, you will see the current on hand quantity. To the right of that, you will have two buttons. The first will be a check mark. If you select that, it will keep the quantity at whatever you have on hand. It will then move the part to the completed tab and remove it from this view. The other button will be an edit(pencil), and if you select it, a box will pop up for you to enter the quantity you have on hand. Once you do, it will move to the completed tab as well and be removed from the uncounted. That way, you can see the parts being removed as you go.

You also have the ability to update the bin here. If you just click on the part itself, it will take you to a screen that list the part, part description, and current bin. You can then click into the bin field and update it. If you hit save, it will then take out that part from your count for that bin.

There will also be a part search at the top to search for a specific part so you don’t have to scroll through. Also, at the bottom will be a complete/submit bin button. If you hit that button, it will update the last Count date from the select bin screen. If you have not counted all of the parts in that bin, it will give you a warning that it will submit what you have done, but any parts that haven’t been touched will be submitted as uncounted.


Handling Stocking Areas

RTA does have the capability to have multiple stocking areas. However, each stocking area has it’s own bin field. So when we are showing bin numbers, if they go into a bin, and a parts stock area A is in that bin, it should only show the on hand qty for stock area A. Then, if I do update the qty from 5 to 3, we update the bin with that new amount, and then we reduce the total inventory by the number we are adding or subtracting. In this example, we would take out 2. If you update a bin, it would only update that stocking area.

What happens when you change the count?

We want this to be a live update. That means, we are seeing what the live inventory count is. And if I change the QTY amount, it updates the part file immediately. So we need to do the following when this occurs:

  1. Update the the QTY on hand following the stocking areas rule above.

  2. An adjustment record needs to then be created that shows the adjustment amount.

  3. There is a spot for user/authorization in the adjustment record. This should take the hosted username (minus the The reason should be set to Inventory Count