Truck Down Interface

During the Vendor Selection, if you own and have set up the Truck Down interface, you will be able to pull a list from and select a vendor from their predefined list.

  1. On the right hand side of the Vendor input section, there is a button that contains "…", this will access the Truck Down interface.
  2. Press the button, the Truck Down Dealers screen will open.
  3. The Vehicle GPS Coordinates will transfer over from the main Road Call screen. If there is no GPS data, use the State/City lookup.
  4. Enter Search by Services or Dealers.
  5. Select the option from the dropdown box and press the Submit Button.
  6. The list of retrieved providers can be navigated with the Previous and Next buttons and sorted by double clicking on column headings.
  7. Double click to select Vendor.
  8. If this is a new vendor to your RTA system, you will receive a pop-up that asks if you would like to Add a new vendor or Link this to an existing vendor.
  9. If you choose to "Add" the vendor, it will prompt you for a Vendor Number and then will import all of the Truck Down information into a new Vendor file inside of RTA.
  10. If you choose to "Link" the vendor, RTA will prompt you to select which existing Vendor you want to link this outside vendor to and then it will create a Dealer ID link within the RTA Vendor File.
  11. Once you import the new vendor, you can proceed in creating the Road Call.