How do I add Users to my Xerifleet Account?

You can add as many users to your Xerifleet account as you want using either the mobile app or the web app.

In Xerifleet everyone gets their own free Xerifleet account. Each user needs a working email account. The email address serves as the user's username.

There are multiple ways to invite users to Xerifleet depending on your situation (detailed later on). But in each way it works the same:

  1. You invite drivers to join your company by submitting their email addresses

  2. Drivers receive an email with instructions

  3. Drivers use the Xerifleet mobile app to create their accounts that are then automatically linked to your company. See here for driver instructions

Inviting Users

There are two ways to invite users to your Xerifleet account:

  1. (single & bulk)

  2. Xerifleet Mobile app (single) provides the fastest and easiest way to invite users to your account. You can invite users one at a time or in bulk. In both cases, you must first navigate to And click the "Invite User" button


The option on the left is best if you are adding a small number of users. Simply enter the user's name, and their email address (must be a real, working email).


If you are just getting started with Xerifleet, chances are you've got a bunch of drivers to invite. In this case, the bulk invite option is the best choice. Here's how it works:

  1. Download the sample file (see the link under "Multiple Users").

  2. Edit this file using your favorite spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets, adding each driver's name and email.

  3. Upload the edited spreadsheet by pushing the "Choose File" button.

  4. Push Send

Once this is done, each user given in the spreadsheet will get an invitation email.

Xerifleet Inspect Mobile App

You can also invite users right inside the mobile app. This is best when you only need to add a few drivers and you aren't at your computer. 

This is done by navigating to the Fleet Menu, select Users, then push the "+" button in the toolbar. The User Invitations screen appears and you can invite users by entering their name and email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if some of my drivers don't have email addresses?

Each Xerifleet user needs an email address to identify the user, but there are several ways to work around this if your drivers don't have their own email addresses:

  • Work with your IT department to get company email accounts for your drivers

  • Help your drivers get a free email account from one of the popular email providers like gmail, yahoo, hotmail. If your drivers are not comfortable with creating their own email accounts, you may want to create accounts for them.