RTA Web - Installing Citizen Label Printer

Initial System/Hardware Requirements:

  • Citizen CL-S700 or CL-S621 (Can be purchased from us)

  • Printer must be on the Network. (Network card)

  • Windows Only Computers

Install Printer on the network

Note: You may need to consult your I.T. Department to assist with Install. 

Installing Print Drivers:

  • Download the printer driver and run the installation 

  • Accept terms 

  • Hit next on directory screen 

  • Uncheck installation instructions and hit finish 

  • Say yes to the make changes prompt 

  • Keep it on install printer drivers and hit next 

  • Select network and hit next 

  • Find Citizen CL-S700II and next 

  • Create port 

  • Standard TCP/IP Port 

  • Hit New Port

  • Enter in the Printer IP into the IP Address field (See the IP Address on front Printer Menu Screen)

Note: The Citizen Printer must have an internal network card installed in order to be used as a Network Printer. You can contact RTA for inquiries on the Citizen Network Cards.

  • Hit next 

  • Select port you created and hit next

  • Leave printer name alone and hit next 

  • Hit finish 


  • Can close out of printer settings if there is any up 


Install RTA Print Barcodes 


  • Follow the instructions in the wizard, including providing an available port number for the printing app to use. 

  • Then Select Next

  • Select Next

  • Select Next

  • Select Install

  • Select Finish

Windows Task Scheduler Settings:

It is recommended that if you opted to launch the printing program from startup you will want to make some setting adjusts in the Windows Task Manager.

  • Open Windows’s Native Application, “Task Manager”

  • Select the “Task Scheduler Library” folder (not its dropdown arrow) from the left hand file structure.

  • Navigate to and double click the RTA Print scheduled task to access the Settings

  • From the Settings Screen:

  • In the General Tab Check the box for hidden

  • In the Conditions Tab Uncheck any boxes that are checked

  • In the Settings Tab:

  • Uncheck the “Stop the task if it runs longer than:” box

Note: Leaving this checked will end automatic startup after the specified amount of time. The application will need to be uninstalled and reinstalled to automatically generate a new scheduled task, or else a new task will have to be be manually created. 

  • Once Done Select File and Exit

RTA Web Application Printer Setup Instructions: 

For Printer Settings and setup in the RTA Web Application see the section on RTA Web - Facility Printers Tab.