LZ360-RF Pairing


Barcode Reader will not shoot a barcode laser light. LED lights on Barcode Reader will show steady blue, then flash blue, then red will go on and off, but no laser light is seen.

The problem is the Scanner is not paired with the USB Base Dongle.

How to correct the problem by pairing the two:

  1. Hold the Barcode Readers trigger for several seconds, the blue LCD light will show steady for a few seconds then flash and go off. Keep holding the trigger until a red LCD light will flash on and off, then release the trigger.

  2. On the USB Base Dongle that is plugged into the computer, press the “Sync” button until its LED light flashes red. When the red light goes off release the button. The Dongle LCD will now display a green light.

  3. With the Barcode Reader, scan the Pairing Barcode on the RF Scanner Installation Sheet (last page at bottom), to pair the Base with the Scanner. The Scanner LCD will flash red, then steady blue, and turn off. If you do not have the RF Scanner Installation Sheet, please follow this link to find a page you can print out with the barcode. http://customers.rtafleet.com/files/lz360rf%20pairing.pdf

That will complete the pairing process. Test the scanner to verify that it’s scanning barcodes to the computer by opening up notepad and seeing if it brings in a barcode.