How to Add Delay to Tricoder Upload


Session data merging incorrectly or not all the data is coming through when uploading data from Worth Data through a terminal server 


Change speed settings to slow the data upload down to keep up with the Terminal Server Connection.

Step by Step guide

Upload Prefix

Here are the six functions of the Prefix field:

1. Identification of a field

2. Adding key sequences for uploading into an application

3. Timing Delays

4. Appending data to another field

5. Trimming data from the front of a field

6. Padding data with spaces or zeros at the front of a field

7. Timing Delays for this field only

Timing delays are programmed by scanning the DEL (ASCII 127) from the Full ASCII Menu, then entering two characters.

Use any combination between 01 (.10 seconds) and 99 (9.9 seconds). Use as small of a delay as possible to avoid a slow upload. PREFIX - - ?05

The previous example shows a . 5 second delay.