Barcode Printer Setup

Laser Printer BarCode Setup: Requires Avery Labels (3 columns of 10 labels per sheet)

Step by Step guide

  1. Ensure the Client Files have been loaded on the terminal the BarCode Labels will be printed from. Select "My Computer", find the fleet folder on the server ie F:\FLEET. Once viewing the FLEET folder, open the Client Folder. Select setup.exe and follow the install wizard prompts. When it shows the path as C:\FLEET, click on browse and find the Fleet Directory on the server again and click OK. Now the fonts required to print the barcodes will be loaded on your terminal.
  2. Set up Printer. Select "SYSTEM", "SETUP PRINTERS" and "FILE MAINTENANCE", enter your level 3 password, enter LAZ in the Printer ID prompt, then click ADD PRINTER button. Ensure all fields read as shown below. All fields, A through J, should say "Not used" both when Codes In and Codes Out are selected. Click Save and Exit button
  3. Set up User. Select "SYSTEM" "SETUP USERS", "FILE MAINTENANCE", enter level 3 password, enter User Name (user/s that will be printing BarCode Labels). In the User screen type LAZ in the Tag Printer field. Click the "Save & Exit" button, then click exit button.
  4. Test print BarCode Labels on blank paper to ensure all is setup correctly.  

 Tricoder Code 93 Setup

Tricoders are shipped with Code 93 enabled. If you reset your tricoder, you will need to re-enable it. Follow the steps below to enable the tricoder to read code 93 bar codes.

  1. Scan the bar code under "Start Setup" (top left corner).
  2. Scan the bar code under "Code 93" (middle of sheet).
  3. Scan the bar code "0" under "Barpad Table" (upper right side).
  4. Scan the bar code under "End Setup" (top right corner).

This information applies ONLY to a Laser Barcode Printer