How to Setup Parts for Reordering

Step by Step guide

  1. Select Master > Part > File Maintenance (MPM) from the RTA main menu.
  2. Enter a Part number or press “F1” to select a from the lookup list
  3. The Part Maintenance screen will be displayed.
  4. Select the “Stocked” checkbox (it is checked by default in your system)
  5. RTA will automatically collect data of usage and slowly start to build up information to see what your re-order point and re-order quantity should be. If you check the box "Lock Re-order Point/Quantity", you can set it yourself. We recommend, however, to go through the "usage information" tab and you can enter in a yearly usage and RTA will calculate re-order points with that information.
  6. Review the information and make changes as needed.
  7. Save the record.