Basic Info

Requisitions are requests to order more parts and are generated whenever your inventory falls below a predetermined level. Requisitions can be reviewed and Purchase Orders generated directly from the Requisitions.

RTA generates requisitions only for Stocked Parts. By default, when Parts are added to the system, they are flagged as a Stock Part. Requisitions are created for Stocked Parts when the inventory level falls below the reorder point.

The following information is based on manually setting the Reorder Point and Reorder Quantity in your Parts. Additional reorder calculation methods are available in your RTA system (see the Part Inventory section in your RTA Manual for more information).

Things to Note About the Requisitions:

  • Auto-created requisitions always use the primary Vendor listed for that Part (i.e. the Vendor record with a Rank of 1).
  • Manually created requisitions can utilize any Vendor from the individual part record, based on the Vendor cross-reference number.
  • The reorder quantity in the Part file is used when auto-created requisitions are created (see the Part Inventory section in your RTA Manual for variables when using the Calculated or Min/Max Reorder Methods).
  • The Reorder Quantity is displayed in individual quantities and prices, even if the Part is set up for bulk purchases from that Vendor. This provides consistency when viewing the requisition quantities—you will not have to remember one Lot means 6 from one Vendor or 12 from another Vendor, and so on.