How to Auto-Create Purchase Orders from a Work Order

When the "Outside WO/Create PO" switch is set to YES (SSM, switch 23), a PO is automatically created when an outside work order is added to the system (WW).
The newly created PO contains three lines; OUT-LABOR, OUTPARTS, and OUT-TIRES. The Miscellaneous Purchase Order Information window contains the following work order information:

  • The work order number is stored in the WO number field.

  • The username is stored in the Buyer field (SSM, Parts Parameters tab, switch 6).

  • The vehicle number is stored in the PO for field and it also displays as the description on each PO line.

Properly Creating an Outside Work Order

  • WOs > WOs > New WO > enter the vehicle number > Input the Vendor that will be doing the job > Add Line > Specify an Outside job

    By inputting the Vendor number before adding the line, RTA will create a PO behind the scenes which can be found in the WO Master screen (top of the WO)

When the work order is closed, all parts and labor costs posted on outside work order lines will be accounted for on the purchase order. All tire costs, inside and outside jobs, will be accounted for on the purchase order. The purchase order is automatically received and closed when the work order is closed. Additionally, if the invoice number and invoice date were indicated on the work order, prior to closing the work order, that information is also included in the purchase order transaction.