How to Setup Alternate Meters

Step by Step guide

  1. Select Master > Vehicle > Alternate Meters (MVA) from the RTA main menu
  2. Click "Add" and you can enter up to 40 different Alternate Meter types (up to six characters each) for use in Vehicles.

    ****NOTE: Alternate Meters types must be set up prior to assigning Alternate Meters to individual vehicles.
  3. Select the OK button to save.

An Alternate Meter is an optional, additional physical meter such as an engine or component hour meter OR it can represent items transported by this vehicle such as passengers, cases, boxes, tons, yards, and pallets. A total of forty Alternate Meter types may be defined in the RTA system. Up to four Alternate Meters can be defined per vehicle. Alternate meters may be used for Preventive Maintenance intervals and may be updated when processing Work Orders or when manually entering fuel transactions.