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RTA Web - Create Work Orders

From RTA Web , under the Work Orders menu option, users now have the ability to create a new Work Order by selecting the + button in the Search Menu, top right corner.

Enter the Vehicle number, or search based on vehicle details, then set the Work Order reason code. What’s the reason for the work? Also as options, according to RTA System Switch Main#31 the Customer Number and Vendor Number can be included (for billing and outside work orders)

Click Create

The Work Order number will be generated automatically, or the user will be prompted to include the Work Order Number based on system parameters. See Desktop System Switch Misc1#16, Work Order Numbering to determine if the Work Order number will be generated automatically from RTA or if the user will provide the WO#.

Adding a Work Order Line

From the Work Order page, under Lines in the bottom box, click on Add Template or Add Line to generate Work Order line details.

For details on creating Work Order Lines, please see