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Mobile Parts Count Review-Accept

Bin Count Review

Once you select a Bin location you will enter into the inventory Count review section for that Bin.

From the Inventory Count review screen, you will be presented with a:

  • Part Search within the Bin you are reviewing

  • List of uncounted Parts

  • List of completed parts (once you start counting)

  • Part Number

  • Partial Description of the Part

  • Current On Hand Quantity

  • Change/Edit Record Button

  • Accept Count Button


Accept Part Count


Now you would physically go through to count the parts listed in the Bin you selected. Those parts that have the correct on hand amount and do not need any change, simply select the Green Check Mark Icon. This will accept the current On Hand Number and flag that particular part as completed and will transition to the Completed Section (See Below).


For Parts that do not have the right count that need to be changed see the Mobile Parts Count Adjustment section.

Mobile Parts Count Adjustment