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RTA Mobile - Technician Shop Scheduler View

Accessing Technician Schedule Through Mobile Paperless Shop

Once you are logged into the RTA Mobile App. Click on the following link to see information on Logging in to RTA Mobile.

To access the Shop Scheduler Mobile Technician View through the Paperless Shop in the RTA Mobile app, follow these steps:

Click on the three bar Main Menu icon in the top left corner to pull up the menu options. Select paperless shop.

Main Paperless Login Screen

From the main Paperless Shop Clock in screen, you can select the Mechanic Schedule screen by selecting the Calendar icon in top right corner of the blue paperless shop banner bar.

Scheduler Icon.pngPaperless-MainScreen-WScheduler.png

Technician Mobile Shop Scheduler Screen:

The Technician Shop Scheduler Screen presents a view only visual representation of the shops work for:

  • The currently logged in technician

  • The Current days schedule

    • With a current time transition bar that moves through the time slots as the day progresses real-time.


The Scheduler items include:

  • Direct (Jobs): Including:

    • Asset Number

    • Job Description

    • Time Allocated: Begin Time to End Time

Note: Currently the time allocations in the scheduler are independent from any estimate or SRT times in the work order and can be adjusted on the fly by management to visually represent the workflow in the shop.

  • Indirect (Jobs): Including:

    • Indirect Job Description

    • Time Allocated: Begin Time to End Time

Technician Mobile Shop Scheduler Screen Days Navigation:

In addition to seeing the current days work you can also use the Day Arrow buttons in the Date banner bar to see:

  • Left Arrow: To switch to a previous days schedule

  • Right Arrow: To switch to a future days schedule