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RTA Mobile - Vehicle Search Screen

Once in the asset list you can view 3 options. Vehicle Search, Recently Viewed, and Barcode Search. The vehicle list displays all assets that have been added to the RTA software. Recently viewed will show you the last viewed assets. The mobile application provides the ability to search and find an asset loaded into RTA by scanning the VIN for the asset.


Vehicle Search

Once you tap on the Vehicle Search option, it will populate your assets list. You can scroll to find a specific asset or click on the magnifying glass to filter your search. You also have the option to select the barcode search, refer to Scan Vin Barcode

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This section allows various methods to search for an asset, e.g. vehicle number, plate, VIN, by facility, status, make or model. Enter the information to the preferred search tab and click Show Results at the bottom of the screen.

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