Troubleshooting SQL Errors - RTA Classic

Error: “Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type numeric”


Have their dba execute the below SQL queries on their RTAFleet database:

ALTER TABLE {table name} drop column A4GLIDENTITY

ALTER TABLE {table name} add [A4GLIDENTITY] [numeric] (9, 0) IDENTITY (1,1) NOT NULL

This error occurs when there is a counter issue with the A4GLIDENTITY column in the table. It can happen when records are deleted from that table.

Error: ‘Try_Convert’ is not a recognized built-in function name.


This is due to their SQL Server being on an older version than 2017. If they are already running SQL Server 2017, then they have the Compatibility Level on the database set lower than 2017. Have their DBA go into the RTAFleet database properties > Options > change the Compatibility Level to the highest option.