94-xx Error Code

This article lists the various error codes beginning with status 94.

Note: If running a Vision system and the data file is 512kb (which is no data in the file and is not being used). If this is the case you can either delete the file (and RTA will create a new one). This will set the data file to the latest XFD mapping and the 94 error will go away.

94/01, 94/02This error is typically found around conversion time and means that the data format we were expecting is different than our definition for it. It could be caused by having an old version .cob and a new version data file, or a new .cob and an old datafile. The end result is there is a mismatch between the data and the program.

Was a conversion just run?

  • If so, you may need to re-run the conversion on this data file. If you are a SQL customer, you probably just need to run the version scripts (ie if upgrading to 6.4, run 64scrpts.sql).

If not,

  • See if someone recently restored any files, and load the latest files update for your version. It's possible an update for version 6.4 was run against a 6.3 system, which would cause a major mismatch between .cobs and data.

This is caused by the maxfiles and maxlocks parameters not being set or not being set high enough when RTA starts. The settings are usually included in the cblconfi. As such, the main cause for the error is a user gets a new PC, or deletes their shortcut, and mistypes cblconfi in the shortcut upon recreation.

  • Delete the existing shortcut, and re-run the client setup (found in the fleet\client directory). Point this at the fleet folder (so if your fleet directory is X:\fleet, the target should be X:\fleet). This will recreate the RTA shortcut on your desktop for this user. Launch RTA and see if that fixes the error.

  • If it doesn't fix it, open up cblconfi in notepad, and edit the max-files and max-locks values to 512, save the file, then retry.

94/20This error means the file requested either doesn't exist or couldn't be accessed.
  • Verify the file exists in the RTA directory or in the directory listed.

  • Contact RTA if you are missing a data file.

  • If it is a SQL system, the user does not have dbo rights to the database.

  • The "dbo.*" table in SQL is missing or is not labeled as "dbo."

  • Can also be caused by brief network glitches or latency.