93-00 Error Code


This error is always the result of a user not having sufficient permissions to files in the fleet directory or database tables.

Typically you will see this error after RTA is moved to a new server and has to be shared again.

Other causes could be a file is locked or open by a user, or a file has different permissions than the parent directory.


Steps to Troubleshoot Error
  • If RTA was just moved to a new server, check the permissions on the newly created share for RTA.

You'll need to check both the share permissions AND the NTFS permissions. Under the share permissions, by default the only group added is the 'everyone' group and it has read-only.

You can choose to grant full control to everyone here, or RTA recommends that you add your own user groups and grant full control to them, leaving everyone with Read-only or getting rid of it all together. 

  • Check the NTFS Permissions under the Securities tab, making sure that the same user group has modify rights on the folder.

You'll also want to go into the advanced settings and make sure that permissions on the parent object are propagated to the children (meaning the children inherit their settings from the parent folder). 

  • If everything there looks ok, verify that someone else hasn't locked the file, by going into the management console on the server (found by right clicking my computer, and going to manage).

Check out the Shared Files > Open Files node, and see if anyone has any files open from \Fleet. If there are a ton, you may want to get everyone out and then refresh. 

  • If there are no open files, try logging in as that user and rename the file listed in the error.

If you can't rename the file, contact your IT department (if you haven't already) to rename it for you.

This will be for the same reasons that RTA is giving you a 93/00 error, which at this point is being caused by an outside factor and is unrelated to RTA.