File Error Status 30-00


File Error Status 30/00 errors are an indication that the network connection is being disconnected. This can happen if a user is idle and coming back into RTA, the network connection is closed on the server side after a set amount of time OR the network card in the PC is going to sleep when the PC goes into sleep mode.  When the connection is dropped, the connection to the table referenced in the error is broken.

RTA, if left open, requires a constant connection to the RTA data. If the network connection is "closed" then you must exit out of RTA and restart RTA for the connection to be re-established. This is not managed by RTA itself but by the local PC or Server protocols.


On the Local PC: (steps may vary depending on OS)

1. Right click on the "network" icon and select "Properties". 

2. Under "Network and Sharing" dialog box select "Change adapter settings". 

3. Locate your network device, right click on it and select "Properties".  

4. Under "Connect using" select "Configure".  

5. On the "Power Management" tab deselect all options and save it.

This will force the Network adapter to remain "on" if the PC goes to sleep.

At the Server:

1. Make sure the connection time out is set to a reasonable time.

Note:  If you are using an RDP session make sure the connection time out is set to a reasonable time limit.