Work Order - Posting Date Adjustments

Primary Posting Date/Meter

Within the Work Order screen, there has always been a “Posting Date” box. This box determines the date by which any changes or edits to the work order will be recorded as.

Until now, that Posting Date has always defaulted to today’s date.

Starting with RTA Version 7.4, this Posting Date will instead default to the Highest Posting Date on record, specific to this work order. This means that if a work order is closed with a date of 10/20/2019, and today is 11/17/2021, then the defaulted posting date will show as the most recent, or Highest posting date, being 10/20/2019.

This also means that as updates take place after a Work Order is closed (edits, or re-opens) the highest date can be altered. This being said, if the user sets the Posting Date to be a previous date (earlier than the present Posting Date), the date listed will not change as it is still the most recent, or Highest Posting Date of transaction.

As of RTA Version 7.4, there is also a Meter update available within the Work Order Screen, next to the Posting date.

By default, this meter will match the work order meter according to the highest posting date. Whatever the meter was on that posting date is what will show when the work order is viewed in the future. This meter CAN be updated at anytime before a posting, which will create a new transaction record.

Work Order Status

Within the Work Order, there is a new Status option called Re-Opened.

This status will show when a work order has previously been closed, and is currently in an “open” state. This can happen when edits are needed to previously closed work order lines, or when a meter or date need to be updated on a previously closed work order.

Post Line

Within the posting-screen of a Work Order, as of RTA Version 7.4 there is the Posting Date option above the OK button. This can be used when the user posting needs to specify the date of the part/labor/misc/tire posting

**Between the Post Line posting date and the Work Order posting date, the screens will update based on each other and continue to show the Highest Posting Date after closing the line or work order