PM Tolerance

Having an effective and proper PM Compliance is a goal for every Fleet Manager. In recent years, we’ve released a PM Compliance Report that can show how often a PM job is completed “On Time” and a breakdown of that data.

Previously, in order to be considered “On Time”, that job would have to be completed at the exact odometer reading or on the exact date of the due PM service, according to the schedule in the Vehicle Master File (MVM). While this IS an indication of true compliance, and can still be a standard worth pursuing, we’ve decided to make it more simple to be compliant through a Tolerance option available for each PM.

This Tolerance, or Variance can be set to allow either a percentage or a specific interval (based on the meter) at which point a PM service can still be considered “On Time”.

How to Use

Individual Vehicle:

In the example below, this PM-A service is due every 90 days, or every 5,000 miles. With the Tolerance included in the new column, to be completed “On Time” means the job can be done+/- 5 days from the due date, or 10% from the due mileage.

Vehicle Range:

This same Tolerance can be applied to a vehicle set (by Vehicle group, Department or Class) through the Set PM Utility (SCPS). Select your vehicle group, enable the “Tolerance” field-to-include, as well as the Interval of your meter (days, miles, etc.). Then configure your Tolerance % or # and hit OK to apply to all vehicles within that group.

A confirmation screen will prompt, showing the total affected vehicles.