WO Group Close

As of RTA version 7.4.1, a new feature has been added to the WO Drop-Down list called “WOs for Review” (WV).

Within this list is a group of work orders which have had all lines completed, but the WO itself remains open. Previously, this has also been known as the “Ready to Close” list.


How to Use:

WOs > WOs for Review (WV)

Select the Facility if ‘multiple facilities’ (SSM Main# 26) is enabled for this user.

Review open work orders and select which ones need to be closed. WO Line details are viewed in the bottom box, including notes.

When WOs are checked, the user can close the selected WOs. Users can also review/view the work order by double-clicking the work order in question, or single-click the WO and click on Work Order is the top menu, WO Notes or WO Master for additional details.

Once a group or single work order is selected for closing, a prompt will show requesting the following permission:

Preparing to close all work orders selected. Do you want to continue?” Yes/No

When run, RTA will confirm that the process has been complete and the selected lines will be removed from the utility list.