Vehicle Operator Enhancement

Within the Vehicle Master File (MVM), on the General Tab there is an option to identify the Vehicle’s Operator, and view Operator History.

This field is either freeform (meaning the user can type the Operator’s information, regardless if they are set as an employee in the RTA system) OR the F1 feature can be used to select an Operator from the list of RTA Employees.

For more information on how to add/edit Employees in RTA, please see Employees

To add a known Employee/Driver/Tech as the Operator:

  • Click in the Operator data box, then hit F1 or Enter on your keyboard

  • Click to highlight the desired Operator, and click Select.

Save the Vehicle Master File. The new assignment will register as the Operator and is stamped on the Operator History

Checking Operator History

To see the history of Operators, when they were assigned, and which users made the adjustment, simply select the Magnifying Glass to the right of the Operator’s name

A new reporting screen will appear, showing the history of Operator Adjustments