RTA Feedback Button

A new tool to assist with Product Direction and Customer Success, the new RTA Feedback Button can be found on the Main Screen and most Master modular screens within RTA. The icons shows as follows:

Users should use this tool to Ask a Question, Report a Problem or Request a Feature in RTA.

Icon (create in CSS primary blue): https://materialdesignicons.com/icon/help-circle

Ask A Question

When the user has a question about the RTA program, whether it is a need for training, understanding or to bounce an idea off of our support team, they can tap the Feedback option in their screen and select the detail “Ask a Question”, followed by the details on their inquiry.

Please fill out each data-box that shows a *, as they are required fields. A Customer Success agent can either respond via the email address provided, or will reach out to the phone number in the case.

The Location box allows the person submitting feedback to specify which area of RTA the Customer Success rep will need to be versed in. This will also allow RTA to know where the most questions/issues are arising from. Please Tag your inquiries with the proper (multiple if needed) tags.

Report a Problem

From time to time, errors and other problems might arise in RTA. In these instances, users can click on the Feedback Button and select “Report a Problem”. Detail the issue and the steps that were taken to cause this issue. It is our goal to discover if the new issue effects all our systems, or if it may be a little closer to home for the user experiencing it. If we can reproduce the issue, we can better understand how to fix it in a timely manner. For Example:

Request a Feature

One area of RTA that has always set us apart is the claim that we are “A Fleet Management Software, built by Fleet Managers”. This means that we are always open to directing our products towards the needs and desires of our clients. You work in the shops, so you know what you’re looking for in an FMIS. We’d love to hear from you.

Use the Feedback Button to submit your system improvements/wants directly to our development team. Your requests will go to our head of Product Development, so any details or examples that can be provided can greatly enhance the likelihood that a fix or upgrade can be created in the near future.

Set the detail option to be “Request a Feature”, specify the location of the desired feature and include any details you deem necessary. Again, please provide as much detail as possible so we know exactly what you’re looking for.


For any reasons, other than Asking a Question, Reporting a Problem or Requesting a feature, please select the “Other” option and place desired comments.