Mobile - Paperless Shop Activity

The RTA Paperless Shop Activity screen has been known in the desktop version of RTA for a few years and has been assisting Fleet Managers and Shop Supervisors obtain a better understanding of the live going’s on within their shop. RTA now introduces the Mobile App version of the Paperless Shop Activity Screen!

This activity screen, as shown from the mobile application (available for download on all Apple and Android devices) illustrates the current status of Employees clocked into Paperless Shop activity. The grouped options are:

  • Direct Jobs

  • Indirect Jobs

  • Lunch

  • Idle

To bring up the new Activity Screen, open RTA Mobile on your device and go to Paperless Shop > Shop Activity

This Activity Screen will identify the activity option, such as “DIRECT”, then list the Employees connected to that activity currently, along with the job, time frame (compared to Estimated Time from the VMRS file) and the next assigned job, according to priority they’re expected to do.

For any Employees showing currently as clocked into a Direct or Indirect job, the Shop Supervisor is able to both Post parts to that job, and End Shift for that job. This capability is only allowed of the user is a ADMIN, FACILITY ADMIN or LEAD TECHNICIAN according to the . Technicians only will not be allowed to End Shift from the Activity screen.

Posting to a job from the Paperless Shop Activity screen is done by clicking on the Magnifying Glass to the right of the job, pulling up the job details, then selecting “Post Part”.