Advanced Report Viewer

Similar in feature to the lists in all SQL versions of RTA, the Advanced Report Viewer allows the end user to customize and detail the results of a viewing list to their individual needs. This report viewer has the ability to:

To launch the Advanced Report Viewer (RNO, RNV or RNW), click Reports > Advanced Report Viewer > Purchase Orders, Vehicles or Work Orders.

There are currently 3 master fields to gather individualized data from, the Purchase Orders, the Vehicles or the Work Orders.

Purchase Orders

Advanced Purchase Orders has 3 report view templates: Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Lines and Purchase Order Receipts

Purchase Orders (RNOO) will detail the Purchase Orders as a whole, including new fields such as Received Total, PO Status and Vendor details. As with the Net F1 Lookup Lists, this data is able to be set and remembered as Presets for the user currently logged in.

Purchase Order Lines (RNOL) will include all details of the PU line, including the PO Line Notes, line number, individual line taxes and received status details.

Purchase Order Receipts (RNOR) specifically includes the data of received PO lines including all total costs and receiving user details (approval, processed by, etc.)


Advanced Vehicles (RNVV) lists all details founds within the Vehicle Master file, including inner-master file data (Customer details, Dept Details, Class Details) and time-based costs such as PTD, YTD and LTD columns.

Work Orders

Advanced Work Orders has 3 report view templates: Work Orders, Work Order Lines and Work Order Transactions

Work Orders (RNWW) will illustrate all details surrounding the Work Order as a whole, including specific cost columns for Parts, Labor, Tires, Misc postings as well as the quantities. This information can be readily found in RTA reports, such as WO Transactions by Vehicle (ROV), but it is not fileterable/searchable/editable. This Work Order view can also be saved as multiple presets to be run/exported as customized reports.

Work Order Lines (RNWL) allows for work order details to be broken down by lines, including WO Line Notes (unavailable in any other WO screen). This screen will detail job notes, descriptions, costs and quantities at the line level and can be saved as presets.

Work Order Transactions (RNWT) offers a new take on work order details. Never before has a user had the opportunity to search and filter transactions data that is not required to be grouped by sequence or WO#. The User can view labor, parts, costs, quantities, vendors, type and various totals, plus more which can be formatted to the pleasure of the user.

All Advanced Report Views will default to view up to 1000 rows, unless otherwise dictated by the user in a saved preset. This is to allow manipulation of data on a smaller scale, while formatting, then applying to a larger portion of data. No need to wait for refreshing in between formats/edits, the user can customize, then view.

All views will save according to the RTA Desktop user signed in at the time of creation. The Advanced reports cannot be shared between users as templates or sent from within RTA. However, users are free to save/export their s as text files and forward to other users in external formats, such as Excel or Google Sheets.