New Features with Current Shop Activity Screen

The shop activity screen allows you to view who is clocked on to a job, what job they are currently working on, and how long they have been assigned to that job. However, previously you were not able to edit information from this screen. It was a read-only screen that gave you the details mentioned above. Starting in version, we have added a few new features for this screen.

Indirect Jobs

Mechanics that are on a lunch break or who are clocked in to an indirect job will also now show up in the Current Activity Screen. This will allow you to see your entire shop’s activity - who is available and who is currently unavailable and why.

Ability to Clock off Mechanics

You can now clock off mechanics who forgot to sign off for the day. At the top of the screen, there is now an End Shift button. You can highlight an employee, select End Shift and then, depending on your user access rights, sign off the mechanic.

Post to Line

You can also now post parts, from the current activity screen to a job that a mechanic is clocked onto. Just select his or her job, hit Post Line at the top and post your parts.