Electronic Fueling Pre-check (Ver

RTA has added a feature to the Electronic Fueling process. After you do your EFI load, and before you process your fueling transactions, you can now do a pre-check to see if there are any issues with the transactions that you are going to process. You don’t have to wait to see the error messages until after you have processed.

How it Works

If you go to Fuel > Fuel Entry > Electronic Fueling > Edit Trans, you will now see a new check box at the bottom that says ‘Processing Pre-check.’

If you choose to do the pre-check, when it loads the Fueling transactions, it will now show a new 'Pre-Check' column. Any unprocessed transactions that would receive a message during processing, will have an option icon you can select to see the message. You can check the message and make any needed changes before processing.

Here are some examples of the messages you may receive.